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Quality solutions for the engine rattle that can be caused by the OEM auto cam chain tensioner (ACCT) starting to fail. When the ACCT fails it can cause the chain to jump, resulting in incorrect timing and ultimately damage the engine. The ETL UK manual tensioner prevents this by providing a consistent tension.

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Firestorm VTR1000F Cam Chain Tensioner


The ETL manual cam chain tensioner (MCCT) has been used and proven in many markets, including race and track bikes, motorcycle repair shops and used by many DIY enthusiasts.

So why choose the ETL Manual Cam Chain Tensioner?

The body is manufactured from a single piece aerospace grade aluminium  billet. Machined to precise tolerances and anodised silver for corrosion resistance and to give it that OEM look. Perfect fit in engine ape rture

The adjuster pin is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel to precise tolerances with a fully machined thread at a length to suit each application.

Dual radial internal seals, resistant to heat and oil, therefore eliminating any possibility of leakage reaching the locking nut. 

Stainless steel locking nut with serrated flange for better grip

Supplied with:

Mounting gasket (paper or O ring rubber seal dependant on design)

Stainless steel fixing bolts

Install instructions guide

This is a high quality part at great value

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